Our Mission…
The United Muslims of Halifax Society was founded to meet the growing need in our community for a society which represents ALL Muslims and gives every member of the community a voice and a venue to participate and benefit from all activities and facilities of the society in an environment of Shura, cooperation, and transparency.

بعون الله تعالى تم إنشاء جمعية المسلمين المتحدين في هاليفاكس لتلبي الحاجة المتواصلة في مجتمعنا لجمعية تمثل جميع المسلمين و تعطي جميع افراد الجالية المسلمة حقهم الطبيعي في التعبير عن أنفسهم و المشاركة الفعالة و الاستفادة من جميع الأنشطة و المنشآت الخاصة بالجمعية في جو تسوده روح الشورى الحقة و التعاون المثمر و الشفافية الكاملة

Our Objectives…

  • To promote religious, educational, recreational, athletic, and social activities for the benefit of the Muslim Community of the Halifax Regional Municipality.
    To serve and act as the voice and organizing framework for the Muslim Community in the HRM.
  • To provide a volunteer network which allows volunteers to stay up to date with volunteer opportunities and areas of need in the community such as helping refugees, helping newcomers get settled, helping those who are in need or suffering from an illness, etc.
  • To encourage youth to take an active role in the society as well as in other cultural, artistic, social, and charitable events in the HRM.
    To organize festivals such as Eid prayers and Eid parties for the Muslim community of the HRM.
  • To provide opportunities for Muslims of varying backgrounds to meet in social, spiritual and educational gatherings in the HRM.

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Membership can be obtained by filling out a Membership Form (Individual | Family) and paying the membership fee of:

  • Student: $10
  • Individual: $20
  • Family: $30

We encourage all Muslims living in the HRM to get involved and become members!

NEW: You can now complete your membership form online! Click here for the online membership form! 

Membership Benefits:

  • The right Participate in elections.
  • The right to attend members’ meetings.
  • Hold a key to preform prayers outside the scheduled Jama’a prayer times.
  • Discounts to book the center for a private or personal events

Elections and Board:
Directors of the society are elected for two year terms. Each year half the board members complete their terms and leave to be replaced by new directors while the other half stays to complete their two year terms.